Frequently answered questions

Are Econ3x3 articles never published elsewhere?

In terms of a partnering agreement, all Econ3x3 articles are also published on the website and their subscribers notified via their daily newsletter. In addition, print or online publications are free to republish Econ3x3 articles in full or in part, or to base articles on them, subject to proper acknowledgement etc., as stipulated on our copyrights and media usage guidelines (see 'About').

How do the 'Reads' work?

Every time a reader opens an article, it counts as a read. Because articles stay visible and live on the site and readers continue to browse on Econ3x3, the number of reads of articles continue to increase over time.

How do I update my profile or photo?

If you are registered and logged in, you should be able to edit your personal profile page. Click on your name to go there. If not possible, email your revised profile information or photo to the Editor.

How frequently will articles be posted?

Depending on the number of contributions received and accepted, we plan to post one new article at least every two weeks, but more frequently if possible.

How soon will a contribution be posted?

It will depend on the number of contributions received that need to be reviewed and the amount of editing required. However, we have a very quick turnaround. Typically authors receive feedback from from the editor (e.g. reviewer comments) within a week, and publication occurs within a fortnight. Submissions that are based on very technical research typically take longer to 'translate' into plain language with no technical jargon.

May I contact an author to ask questions regarding a forum article?

If an author has supplied an email address, you may approach him or her. Alternatively, questions to an author may be sent to the Editor who will forward them to the author concerned.

Are post-graduate students allowed to submit articles?

Any considered, research-based article that can pass the review process will be accepted. Thus, a Master’s or PhD student may well be successful in this regard.

Can I submit an article that is based on an article that has previously been published in an academic journal?

Yes, this is fine and is in fact an ideal way to make your research results available to the public policy domain. However, be sure to acknowledge the journal article in your references properly.

Can the publication of an article prevent me from publishing the material in an academic journal?

Since forum articles are short and accessible and are in a sense ‘expert opinion pieces’ loosely based on research, they can not be seen as a substitute for publishing a full-length research article in an academic journal, or as the equivalent of doing so. What is more, research results frequently are aired in public at workshops, at conferences and in working papers. That is normal in the academic world and does not preclude formal publishing in academic journals.  Articles in the forum are no different in this regard; besides, they are not pitched at the same level as those in academic journal articles.