Econ3x3 is proud of our newly constructed website that was built on the Drupal CMS (Content Management System) Framework.

At Econ3x3 we work effortlessly to stimulate growth through collaboration. In much the same way, albeit on a more global scale, the Drupal CMS has been developed by a community of thousands of dedicated people to achieve a goal of providing the greatest web development tool on the market.

We chose Drupal, not only because it underpins our own values, but it offered our website the flexibility, scalability and functionality that we were looking for.

We cannot take due credit for the building of our website and used the expertise and experience of South Africa’s largest Drupal Web Development company – 2Stroke Interactive.

2Stroke Interactive surpassed all our expectations and created a website that not only Econ3x3 will benefit from, but the entire economics community at large.