Andries Du Toit

Position: Director and Professor, PLAAS
Institution: University of the Western Cape

Andries du Toit has a MA from the University of Stellenbosch and a PhD in Comparative Studies from the University of Essex. His training is in political theory and in qualitative and anthropological approaches to social science research. He has done extensive research on the political economy of structural poverty and racialised inequality in South Africa. His publications include work on the social relations of labour on commercial fruit and wine farms in the Western Cape, on chronic and structural poverty in the rural and urban Western Cape and in the Eastern Cape, and on the dynamics of marginalised livelihoods and informal social protection in the migrant networks.

At present, his key interest lies in the ways in which development discourse and the production of technical 'poverty knowledge' can obscure the social relations of power that underpin persistent inequality and structural poverty. His concern is to develop approaches that can go beyond narrowly positivist and technicist approaches. In this regard he maintains an ongoing interest in the use of critical social theory in the integration of qualitative and quantitative research approaches to poverty, vulnerability and marginality.