Konstantin Makrelov

Position: Lead Economist, Economic Research Department
Institution: South African Reserve Bank
Expertise: Monetary policy, Economic policy coordination, Climate change, and Economic growth.

Konstantin is responsible for the economic research agenda of the South African Reserve Bank and climate change programme. His position requires continuous engagements with various South African and international institutions to increase the bank’s research capacity, produce policy relevant analysis and shape the bank’s position on climate change issues. His research work covers topics related to monetary policy, economic policy coordination, climate change, and economic growth. Prior to joining the bank, Konstantin spent 12 years at the National Treasury, producing forecasts for fiscal planning and assessments of government policies, including carbon taxation and energy build programmes. He worked closely with the United Nations World Institute for Development Economic Research to develop new data sources and scale up policy research within the National Treasury. Konstantin is an alumnus of Wits University and SOAS, University of London.