Kuben Naidoo

Position: Employee
Institution: National Treasury

Kuben Naidoo was Head of the Secretariat to the National Planning Commission until September 2012, and has been on secondment from the National Treasury to the Development Bank of Southern Afrika (DBSA). He will join the Reserve Bank on 1 April 2013 as Advisor to the Governor of the Reserve Bank.
Previously Kuben was head of the Budget Office in the National Treasury. He joined the National Treasury at the beginning of 1998, has worked on education finance, public sector personnel policy, intergovernmental fiscal relations, capital budgeting, budget reform and fiscal policy. Kuben also did a two year stint at the UK Treasury, working on capital budgets and their biannual spending review. He has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Management from Wits University and an MBA from the University of Birmingham, UK.