Paul Court

Position: Senior Economist
Institution: City of Cape Town
Expertise: Development economics, city economies

Paul currently occupies the position of Senior Economist at the City of Cape Town and has worked in the field of development and regional economics for 8 years.He has a masters degree in economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The subject of his thesis was 'A Reconsideration of the Non-searching Unemployed in South Africa', and he retains a deep interest in labour economics and job search constraints in particular. Paul has been involved in the formulation of numerous economic development strategies and policies at both a provincial and local government level and is the current author and editor in chief of the City of Cape Town's quarterly economic publication ('EPIC'). Through his work in provincial and local government he has become well acquainted with the structure and dynamics of regional, and especially city, economies, and has a particular interest in sector development and the informal economy. Paul served as the chairman of the Public Sector Economists Forum in 2015 and remains a key member of its steering committee.