Copyright and media usage guidelines

Econ3x3 wishes to encourage the usage and dissemination of forum contributions and will support methods to maximise the participation of authors and readers, also via the news media. The following conditions are important:

  • By submitting an article to Econ3x3, you confirm that it is your original work; that the article as such is not simultaneously under consideration at another print or online publication; that the work does not contain anything that would violate any copyright if published; that it contains no matter that is defamatory or unlawful, or that infringes any privacy, proprietary or statutory rights; and that you agree to indemnify Econ3x3 against any claim to the contrary.

  • Unless otherwise stated, the copyright for all published contributions is held by Econ3x3.

  • By submitting an article for publication, you accept that the work may appear on other websites or in printed publications as part of content-sharing agreements or be used by the media, and may be downloaded for private use.

  • Contributions may be downloaded for private use, including at universities and research institutes, but may not be sold in any form.

  • Econ3x3 encourages the publication of an article in its entirety in the print media, provided the necessary acknowledgement is given prominently.

  • The media may produce shorter versions of contributions, or feature articles based on them, provided the necessary acknowledgement is given. Authors may be requested to write a shorter version.

  • Contributions may be partially quoted in publications subject to proper acknowledgement and referencing, e.g. author, title, Econ3x3, date.

  • Permission for the regular reproduction of full Econ3x3 contributions in other paper publications, or in electronic publications, must be obtained from the Editor.

  • Any other use of Econ3x3 content requires the prior written permission from the Editor.