Submitting an article

Econ3x3 invites contributions from professional economists and other social science researchers, policy-makers and relevant experts. Submissions should:

  • keep the target audiences in mind (see the 'About' section);

  • be at a higher analytical level than the typical op-ed or feature article in quality newspapers, but should be much more accessible than an academic journal article;

  • be relevant to current economic policy and based on research and/or expertise;

  • be between 500 and 1500 words long;

  • limited the use of figures and tables, although some visuals will be welcomed;

  • contain no mathematical or econometric equations;

  • be clear, to the point and in plain language;

  • use references, especially to an underlying working paper or published article, as necessary (but sparingly).

Where multiple authors are involved, we regard the Econ3x3 contribution as distinct from any paper or journal article on which it may be based. Normally the person(s) responsible for writing the 1500-word Econ3x3 submission wil lbe listed as the primary author(s), irrespective of the author sequence of an original paper or journal article. Exceptions from this practice may be requested by authors.

Contributions will be subject to speedy review and editing. Authors will be notified by email whether a submission has been accepted. The forum reserves the right not to respond to submissions that it considers frivolous.

Authors are encouraged to note topics and tags (keywords) that apply to an article (consult the current list of topics and tags on the forum pages).

All submissions should be accompanied by a short abstract (max 70 words), the author’s name, position, institution, areas of expertise and email address. A short CV and photo will be requested from regular contributors, but these (especially the photo) may also be submitted together with the first submission/registration.

By submitting an article to Econ3x3, you confirm that it is your original work and that this article as such is not simultaneously under consideration at another print or online publication (see complete Copyright and media usage guidelines). You also confirm your understanding that contributions will be subject to review as well as editing to make them accessible to non-specialist readers.

Submissions should be sent to the Editor at:

  • Any person who wishes to contribute an article or a comment must be registered (and must also be logged in).

  • As USERID you have to use your first name and surname the way you want it to appear as author when your article is published.