Submitting a commentary

Since Econ3x3 wishes to encourage and facilitate informed public discourse and debate on the key economic problems identified above, it makes provision for commentaries on published contributions. These should:

  • be considered commentaries rather than off-hand short comments or reflex reactions;

  • respond to a specific point or issue raised by a published contribution;

  • be concise and to the point, normally not more than 300 words long; otherwise a full article is advised;

  • refrain, absolutely, from being offensive, disparaging, defamatory, discriminatory, being personal or resorting to derogatory labelling;

  • otherwise conform to the same editorial and legal requirements as articles.

Commentaries should be entered online, in the box provided below the relevant article. Prior registration as a contributor is required. Commentaries are subject to review and editing. The forum reserves the right not to post a commentary that it considers frivolous or defamatory.